Wednesday, July 21, 2010

You will LOVE this!!

Mary Moore posted this video "How do I love thee"on her blog and I immediately thought of you.

Play Video.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Savior's Celebration Photos

The parables yea yea yea
The ping pong balls are flying!! I mean the popcorn is popping....

Some lovely ladies sporting the latest in fashionable snack flowers.

The Parable Princess and her crush...The Professor.
The Professor carrying away a seed from the parable of the Sower.

A Few Vacation Bible School 2010 Heroes

Vacation Bible School 2010 is in full swing with 3 days to go. I was thinking today about some of the people who make it so very special. And I could go on for days but for now I will highlight a few:

Paul was only scheduled to be at VBS a couple days but I think he realized how much fun it was and how much we needed him and he has extended his time with us!! He has learned some new talents as well that he never knew he had....painting and puppetry!! And we are all blessed with Paul's over the top encouraging words!! You are awesome Paul Lewis!
Our fearless leader Hillarrie had dedicated a tremendous amount of time to get Savior's Celebration over the top. We appreciate all your efforts to make this so much fun for all of us! She is an expert at flexibility and organization and recruiting.

Imagine giving up a week of family vacation to spend at vacation Bible school?! Darrell is a dedicated dad and husband who is a lawyer and a hero to us!! Thanks, we are in awe!!!

Cindy Taylor tells me that her real job is accounting, but as far as my accounting goes she is the most creative left brained person there is. Tonight my husband told me that he wished Cindy had been his mom so that he could have found little lamb cupcakes on the counter when he got home from school or chocolate pudding flower pots with graham cracker sprinkles as dirt and gummy worms on the side complete with a Gerber daisy growing out of the top. Cindy could have given the children a cup of goldfish and a sip of water and they would have been happy, but instead she creates snacks that go with the theme of the day and are beautiful to behold. Simply fabulous darling!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Summer VBS July 12-16,2010

It's that time again to Celebrate Summer!! At HopePointe, we are about to gear up a week from today to share a lot of joy with children. So we will have "A Savior's Celebration VBS starting Monday July 12,2010 at 9am. There are still some spaces open so if you want to join in the fun you can sign up here.